Papdi lilva (Avarekalu ) Upma

Dahi wada

Dates kheer

My friend prepared this scrumptious Dates kheer and Dhoklas when I visited her for the first time in Zurich  and must say that this dates kheer brought along much more sweetness in our friendship :-). She shared this recipe with me which I am sharing with you all. Thank you Pooja for sharing this recipe.

Paneer butter masala

Stuffed bhindi/Okra tawa fry

bhindi/okra                      :250 gm(about 15-18)
corn flour                         : 2-3  tspn

Dry spices:
turmeric powder               : 1/2 tspn
red chilli powdder(mild)    : 1 tbspn
amchur powder                : 1/2 tspn
hing powder                     : 1/2 tspn
garam masala powder      :1/2 tbspn
roasted cumin powder      : 1 tbspn
pepper powder                : 1/2 tspn
sambhar powder              :1 tbspn
salt                                   : 1 tbspn or to taste
gram flour                         : 1 tbspn


  • Wash and pat dry the bhidi/okra. Trim its either ends
  • Now take a whole bhindi and make a slit at the centre
  • Take all the dry spices in a small bowl, mix thoroughly

  • fill in the dry powder inside each bhindi with a spoon and also marinate outside with the same powder
  • At last spare some masala (about 11/2 tbspn) into which add corn flour and make a paste with water. 

  • Pour the paste on top of all the bhindis and mix slightly in order to make a nice coating

  • Heat oil in a non stick pan , add the marinated stuffed bhindi, and fry on all the sides with till tender

  • Serve as a side dish with daal rice or jeera rice

For a thick masala coating, add some more cornflour and apply on all the okra

Preparation time: 30 mins
cooking time: 20 mins

Soya Butter masala

Sardines/ Tarle masala

Potatoes in red masala

Shahi Tukda

Shahi tukda as the name goes, falls in a rich variety of Mughlai dessert. Actually it takes quite a long time to prepare this dessert because preparing the rabdi is a work of patience. But here I am posting some quick recipe of shahi tukda,which could be prepared quite quickly n also retaining its taste...

Ragi majjige / Finger millet buttermilk drink

Ragi majjige is a natural energy booster and  thirst quencher.
You all might be wondering why am I posting such silly recipes. Fact is that I want to remind you all about this healthy drink which our parents and grandparents used to drink on everyday basis to keep themselves strong . I too enjoyed having ragi porridge or ragi majjige very much in my childhood.
But  today all the trendy, canned drinks has lead over these natural energy boosters..
So lets try to be as natural as possible.

Veg Pizza


Beans and potato dry

Beans, chopped: 250 gm 
Potato                :2 medium 
coriander leaves: 7-8 strands
cumin seeds       : 1 tbspn 
curry leaves       :few
hing powder        : 1/ 4 tspn
turmeric powder:1/4 tspn
green chilli         : 1
coconut              : 3 tbspn (shredded/dessicated)
salt to taste


  • Peel and chop the potato in thin slices and also the beans

  • In a blender add coconut, cumin seeds, green chilli, coriander leaves without adding water. pulse the blender slightly on and off because we want these spices to be crushed slightly and not a paste(slightly chop coriander leaves n green chilly before blending)
  • Heat oil in a pan , add mustard seeds and curry leaves, allow them to crackle, add hing powder and turmeric powder and immediately add the blended masalas. Saute till the raw smell disappears.

  • add in the chopped vegetables and salt, saute. add little water, close the lid and cook them till vegetables are cooked completely. 
  • Serves as a best combination with rice and daal curry.
Preparation time: 20 mins
Time to cook: 20 mins
serves 3

Capsicum besan fry

Capsicum                : 2 big
besan / gram flour   : 1/2 Cup
onions sliced           : 2 medium
Chilli powder          :1 /2 tbspn
coriander powder    : 1 tbspn
turmeric powder      : 1/2 tspn
Aamchur powder    : 2 pinch
Salt to Taste
mustard seeds          : 1 tspn
ajwain/ carom seeds : 1 tspn
hing                         : generous pinch

Method :
  • Cut the Capsicum into chunks of size 1 inch
  • heat oil, add mustard seeds n allow them to crackle, thn add ajwain , hing, wait for few second, add in the sliced onions. Saute till onions turn translucent 
  • Then goes in the capsicum chunks, saute on medium flame for about 5 mins till they turn soft

  • Add in the dry powders(chilli powder,coriander powder,turmeric, amchur powder n salt)  
  • lastly sift the gram flour before adding to prevent any lumps in it. Mix all

  • Serve it as a side dish with rice n curry, or as a side dish with chapathi.
  • If you want to eat with chapati, add 1/2 cup water at last. mix evenly while heating. 

Cooking time: 15 mins
serves : 2-3

Coconut burfi

Coconut burfi is a very quick n easy burfi that can be prepared in all occasion. In this post I am showing how to make it in much more simpler way by adding condensed milk and other 4 simple ingredients.
Traditionally its prepared with freshly shredded coconut, milk and sugar. But in some places its difficult to find fresh coconut. So I tried out with dessicated coconut(dry coconut) and the end result was just like the traditional one.

Gobi parantha / Cauliflower stuffed Indian flat bread

wheat flour: 2 cups
salt             :1/2 tspn
oil               :1 tbspn 
water to kneed

for stuffing:
Gobi(cauliflower)            : 2 medium size
ginger minced/paste         : 1 tbspn 
red chilli powder              :11/2 tbspn(medium spicy)
roasted coriander, crushed:1 n 1/2 tbspn 
green chilli minced           :1(optional)
jeera/cumin                       :1 tbspn
ajwain/carom seeds           :1tspn 
turmeric powder                :1tspn 
dried mango powder          :1/2 tspn
mint leaves                        :8-10
coriander leaves                : 3-4 strands
salt                                     : 1 tspn or to taste


  • Take the wheat flour in a bowl. together with salt and oil kneed the dough with water . Let the dough be little hard and not very soft. Cover with a lid n keep aside
  • Grate the gobi into fine grains either with a grated or in food processor
  • Take some oil or ghee in a pan, add ginger, saute n add grated gobi into it n fry it 
  • Add all the stuffing ingredients one by one like red chilli , coriander powder, jeera, ajwain, dried mango powder , salt, turmeric and green chilli. finally add mint and coriander leaves.
  • saute till the cauliflower is cooked completely. make sure that all the water is evaporated (you can even add some dry potato powder into the mixture so that it absorbs any extra moisture),allow to cool slightly

  • Now take small portion of the dough , roll it into into small chapatis, put some filling in the centre and cover it with another small chapati. Press seal the edges.

  •  Roll the dough further to the size of paratha. If you have difficulty  in rolling it further, then even you can take the dough in between plastic cover , apply oil both sides n just apply pressure with hands from all around

  • Fry on both sides on a non stick pan with ghee.
  • have it with curds or raw onions.

Palak sambhar

Simple daal tadka

Idli upama

Idli upma is one among my favourite breakfast dishes. Whenever my mom prepares idli, she would set aside atleast 4 idlis to make its upma for me. I love to have it with some tangy chevda or bhujiyas.This could be prepared well  even with left over idlis from previous day. The raw flavour of onion, mint n coconut oil together brings forth a nice aroma.

Shabudana/Sago Payasam

Whole Moong Payasam

Bread Rolls

Mooli Parantha/ Radish stuffed flat bread

wheat flour: 2 cups
salt             :1/2 tspn
oil               :1 tbspn 
water to kneed

for stuffing:
Radish(mooli)                : 2 medium size
salt                                 : 1 tspn 
roasted red chilli            :2
green chilli minced        :1
jeera/cumin                    :1 tbspn
ajwain/carom seeds       :1tspn 
turmeric powder            :1tspn 


  • Peel the skin of the radish and shred it. Add some salt to it and set it aside for 10 mins.

  • After about 10 mins , properly squeeze the excess water from the radish . make it as dry as possible.
  • Now take the wheat flour in a bowl. Add salt and oil into it.Also add the squeezed radish juice into it.  kneed the dough , add some more water if required. Let the dough be little hard and not very soft. Cover with a lid n keep aside.
  • keep a non stick pan on gas, add oil n then transfer the squeezed dried radish into the pan . Saute it on medium to high flame till all the moisture evaporates n also till the edges of radish turns brown

  • Take out from pan .Transfer it into a bowl. allow to cool. Add minced green chilly, crushed red chilli, chopped coriander, turmeric powder, cumin and carom seeds into it. Mix with a spoon 


    • Now take small portion of the dough , roll it into into small chapatis, putt some filling in the centre and cover it with another small chapati. Press seal the edges. Roll the dough further to the size of chapatis.

    • Fry it on a non stick pan on medium flame . Add oil or butter while frying
    • Serve hot with curds or pickle

    Time: 1 hour
    makes: 4-5 parathas

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