Pomegranate sweet n sour chutney

This chutney is made from not the seeds of pomegranate but with the tender inner and outer skin of it. Pomegranate skin, from ages is useful in treating mouth ulcers, stomach disorders and serves as herbal/home remedies in treating many illness. Its always good to include such healthy food in our regular food diet. Besides these its tasty too...

butter                   : 1 tbspn
tender pomegranate skin
dried red chillies    : 3
black pepper         : 4
grated coconut      : 1 cup
curry leaves          : few
cumin/jeera           : 1 tspn
jaggery                 : 1tspn
tamarind paste      : 1/2 tspn
salt to taste

  • Break open 1 pomegranate, separate the skin and the seeds. Thoroughly take out the tender white skin of pomegranate (also some tender outer pink skin)

  • On a heavy bottom pan simple roast pomegranate skin till the moisture escapes and it gets dried up slightly. 
  • Then smear a tbspn of butter along the pan and add red chilly, black pepper,curry leaves and cumin seeds
  • Roast all these ingredients well on low-medium heat till they release their flavor.

  • Turn off heat and lastly add coconut. fry slightly  

  • Cool and grind all in a mixer along with salt, jaggery and tamarind with very little water
  • Can be served with chapati, roti or rice daal


  1. Omg, very unique chutney, we usually throw out the skins,mindblowing Nayana,thanks for sharing.

  2. Thats a very new kinda chutney dear. Will try soon. First time here. Happy to follow


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