Sago pearls in Palmsugar caramel

 Sipping a cool delicious drink is a great way to enjoy a summer day. It can be anything, from a fresh fruit juice to exotic squash, punch, cocktails or even mock-tails 
Sago pearls in caramelised palm sugar is rich, luscious creamy dessert/drink usually served chilled. An excellent way to beat the summer heat.
This drink reminds memories of my childhood days when my granny used to prepare it during our summer vacations where, after playing in the hot sun, we were often fed with this cool refreshing drink and also sometimes Ragi majjige and Kokum sharabat. But the way she prepared sago drink was much simpler, just with 3 ingredients: sago, coconut and jaggery
So friends, lets beat the summer with this deli-coolicious drink guaranteed to cool you off !!!

Ingredients for sago pearls:
Sago pearls              :150 gm
water                      : about 2 ltrs
salt                          : 1/4 tspn
Coconut milk           : 100 ml

Ingredients for Palm sugar caramel:
palm sugar(Jaggery)  : 100gm 
cream                       : 200 ml
butter(optional)        : 40 gm

  • Make the palm sugar caramel by combining palm sugar or jaggery, cream and butter in a small saucepan stirring continuously until the sugar dissolves to form a silky sauce. continue to boil until thickened.(I did not add butter). If required, strain through a sieve and keep aside

  • To prepare the sago pearls, first soak it in water for about 20 mins.then put a very large pot of water for boiling with little salt, Add the pearls into it and keep stirring for 15-20 mins until the pearls turn transparent. Ensure that it does not stick to the base of vessel
  • Drain the sago through a sieve and cool it by running cold water through it
  • Then take some required quantity of these cooled sago pearls in a mixing bowl. Add the coconut milk and few tablespoons of palm sugar caramel, until desired sweetness
  • serve chilled

  • use a large vessel or pot to boil the sago so that it does not stick to the bottom
  • try to use jaggery that is odourless 
  • along with coconut milk, normal milk can also be added 
  • salt is very much required as it gives that perfect tinge of taste  with jaggery and coconut milk
Makes : 4 glass
Preparation time : 30 mins



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