Ragi majjige / Finger millet buttermilk drink

Ragi majjige is a natural energy booster and  thirst quencher.
You all might be wondering why am I posting such silly recipes. Fact is that I want to remind you all about this healthy drink which our parents and grandparents used to drink on everyday basis to keep themselves strong . I too enjoyed having ragi porridge or ragi majjige very much in my childhood.
But  today all the trendy, canned drinks has lead over these natural energy boosters..
So lets try to be as natural as possible.

Ragi/finger millet flour : 1/2 cup
water                             : 2 cup + 1/2 cup
cold buttermilk/ whipped yogurt : 1 big glass
black salt                      : 1 tspn
salt                                : if required
roasted cumin powder  : 1 tspn (optional)

  • Mix ragi flour with 1/2 cup warm water. Make sure to break all the lumps . make into a fine paste
  • boil 2 cps of water.
  • when the water comes to boil, add the ragi paste . stir continuously cooking on medium heat. ragi tends to stick at the bottom so keep stirring. takes about 6-8 mins for it to cook fully.
  • take off from the heat and allow to cool on a cold water bath
  • when completely cooled, mix well with cold buttermilk or even blend it in a mixer for even mixing. add  black salt, cumin powder as per the taste
  • Serve chilled


  1. hey this drink is awesome !! i jus tried it :)

  2. Hey thanks a lot..:) I make it often..

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