Dates kheer

My friend prepared this scrumptious Dates kheer and Dhoklas when I visited her for the first time in Zurich  and must say that this dates kheer brought along much more sweetness in our friendship :-). She shared this recipe with me which I am sharing with you all. Thank you Pooja for sharing this recipe.

soft seedless Dates:14 (10+4)
coconut milk          : 1 cup
cardamom              : 2 pods
jaggery (optional)  : 2 tbspn
milk (optional)      : 1/2 cup
cashewnuts            :4-5
ghee                       : 1 tspn


  • Take about 10 seedless dates in a blender. blend along with 1 cup coconut milk, cardamom and jaggery. Blend all to a fine paste.

  • Transfer this paste in another vessel and bring to a boil. 
  • Add milk if the mixture is too thick
  • Chop about 4 dates and cashew nuts. fry both in little ghee till colour changes to golden brown. add into the kheer
  • Dates kheer could be served hot or cold

  • If the dates are very sweet, addition of jaggery is not required
  • cool the kheer and store it in refrigerator
  • As coconut milk is added, it has to be consumed within 24 hours
  • Add milk if the mixture is getting thicker

cooking time: 20 mins
serves: 3-4 bowl


  1. wow!!!lovely kheer dear!!:)m very glad dat u loved it...:)

    1. Pooja: Yes indeed I loved this kheer.. Its simple n yet so delicious.. Perfect for all ocassion


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