Kesar badam doodh... Saffron- Almond milk

Saffron flavoured milk enriched with almonds, served warm or chilled.. So delicious n nutritious.. !! 

Almonds: 7-8, soaked overnight in 1/2 cup water
Milk      : 1 cup
Saffron  : 4 -5 strands 
Sugar     : as per taste

  • In a pan take sugar, saffron strands, milk and bring them to boil on medium heat
  • Take the soaked almonds in a blender along with the water used for soaking
  • Blend it to a thick paste and add to the milk
  • Bring the milk mixture to boil, turn off the heat
  • Mix well and serve hot
  • It can be served chilled also, just place the ready saffron almond milk in refrigerator for few hours 

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