About me

Beginners kitchen is intended to inspire all those beginners in the cooking world who have a desire to learn the art of cooking in the easiest possible way.

Originally from Karnataka, I am currently staying in Switzerland. My passion towards cooking started after marriage, as my husband enjoys having different varieties of food. So I devote this blog to my dear hubby :-). My source of inspiration for Beginners kitchen is my dear friend Pooja, who regularly keeps updating me with new foodies and inspires me to cook.

For me, cooking is an art. There is no definitive way or rule to cook. Its an art to invent new taste everyday and every time you cook. We may fail sometimes, but learning from our failures is the way to success. So, here I am making an attempt to post those recipes which I learnt from my mom, my mom-in-law, from my friends, traditional Karnataka cuisines, from some other good food blogs on the web, and also those dishes which I tried and found out to be exceptionally good. Have tried my best to give a step by step explanation along with the pics. I usually post recipes which are easy and quick to prepare keeping the beginners in mind.

I would be glad to receive any suggestions, comments or improvements about any recipes that I have posted, as I am also still in the process of learning the art of cooking ! 
So Happy Cooking... :-):-)

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