Coconut burfi

Coconut burfi is a very quick n easy burfi that can be prepared in all occasion. In this post I am showing how to make it in much more simpler way by adding condensed milk and other 4 simple ingredients.
Traditionally its prepared with freshly shredded coconut, milk and sugar. But in some places its difficult to find fresh coconut. So I tried out with dessicated coconut(dry coconut) and the end result was just like the traditional one.

coconut(dessicated) : 4 cups
sugar                       : if required
condensed milk        : 1 tin(400 gm)
dry fruits                  : raisins, almonds
cardamom powder   :1/2 tspn
ghee/clarified butter  : 3 tbspn

  • Take the coconut in a heavy bottom non stick pan . Saute on medium flame for 4-5 mins just to take off the raw smell, take care not to brown it.
  • Add condensed milk, keep stirring till coconut stars sticking to each other. it takes about 12-15 mins on medium flame. add sugar if required.
  • add dry fruits n continue stirring.
  • finally add cardamom powder n turn of the gas
  • Grease a plate with some ghee . pour the coconut mixture into the a plate when its still hot and spread the mixture evenly with a flat spoon 
  • gently mark it in the burfi shape
  • Refrigerate for 1-2 hr so that the condense milk set firmly and separates firmly when burfis are cut apart

  • The same procedure could be followed for shredded coconut also
  • If your coconut quantity is more or if the condensed milk is less, then add some milk n proportionally sugar. cook it till the coconut sticks each other

Time : 30 mins
makes about 30-35 burfis

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