Veg Pizza


1 big pizza base (I took 20inch by 10 inch base)
tomato purée  : 1 tin
mozorella       : 1 packet or 200 gm 
olives             : around 20
bell pepper     : 2, cut straight(yellow and green)
onion             : 2, cut straight
oil                  : 4 tbspn

chilly flakes
steak pepper
Italian pizza spice(rosemary, oregano, basil dry leaves, thyme)
crushed pepper or powder

  • Chop the onions and bell pepper into long slices
  • Take oil in a pan, keep on high flame. ensure that the oil in pan is very hot and then add the sliced onion n bell pepper together. Saute on high flame
  • The veggies should not be fully cooked rather they should be roasted from edges and burn slightly, smoked flavour starts spreading. cook them only till they are about 70 percent done.
  • Now add salt and all the spices according to taste
  • Spread open the pizza base on a baking tray
  • spread the tomato puree evenly throughout the base.
  • then spread the half cooked roasted vegetables

  • Throw in some sliced olives and sliced mozorella all over
  • sprinkle some more salt and pepper on top

  • Bake it at 200 degree C for 30 mins. Once check after 25 mins
  • Take out, slice it and enjoy it with tomato ketchup 


  1. wow!! must be yummy// should try

  2. Thanks.. Yes it was indeed delicious..:)


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