Gobi parantha / Cauliflower stuffed Indian flat bread

wheat flour: 2 cups
salt             :1/2 tspn
oil               :1 tbspn 
water to kneed

for stuffing:
Gobi(cauliflower)            : 2 medium size
ginger minced/paste         : 1 tbspn 
red chilli powder              :11/2 tbspn(medium spicy)
roasted coriander, crushed:1 n 1/2 tbspn 
green chilli minced           :1(optional)
jeera/cumin                       :1 tbspn
ajwain/carom seeds           :1tspn 
turmeric powder                :1tspn 
dried mango powder          :1/2 tspn
mint leaves                        :8-10
coriander leaves                : 3-4 strands
salt                                     : 1 tspn or to taste


  • Take the wheat flour in a bowl. together with salt and oil kneed the dough with water . Let the dough be little hard and not very soft. Cover with a lid n keep aside
  • Grate the gobi into fine grains either with a grated or in food processor
  • Take some oil or ghee in a pan, add ginger, saute n add grated gobi into it n fry it 
  • Add all the stuffing ingredients one by one like red chilli , coriander powder, jeera, ajwain, dried mango powder , salt, turmeric and green chilli. finally add mint and coriander leaves.
  • saute till the cauliflower is cooked completely. make sure that all the water is evaporated (you can even add some dry potato powder into the mixture so that it absorbs any extra moisture),allow to cool slightly

  • Now take small portion of the dough , roll it into into small chapatis, put some filling in the centre and cover it with another small chapati. Press seal the edges.

  •  Roll the dough further to the size of paratha. If you have difficulty  in rolling it further, then even you can take the dough in between plastic cover , apply oil both sides n just apply pressure with hands from all around

  • Fry on both sides on a non stick pan with ghee.
  • have it with curds or raw onions.

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