Idli upama

Idli upma is one among my favourite breakfast dishes. Whenever my mom prepares idli, she would set aside atleast 4 idlis to make its upma for me. I love to have it with some tangy chevda or bhujiyas.This could be prepared well  even with left over idlis from previous day. The raw flavour of onion, mint n coconut oil together brings forth a nice aroma.

idli                       :7-8 slices
onion                    :2 medium chopped
coconut oil           :2tbspn
sugar(optional)     :1 tbspn
green chilli           :2 medium chilli,chopped
shredded coconut :3 tbspn
coriander leaves   : 7-8 strands, chopped
mint leaves           : 7-8 leaves, chopped

  • Crush the idlis with hand 

  • Take a bowl ,add shredded coconut, green chilli, onions, salt, coconut oil, n mix the entire thing evenly . add mint n coriander n mix again 

  • now add the crushed idlis n mix throughly
  • Top up with any chivda if desired

preparing time: 10 mins
serves: 2

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