Soya Butter masala

soya nuggets                         :1 small bowl
tomato diced                         :2
onion diced                           :2
cashewnuts (optional)            : 6-8

Butter/oil                              : 2 tbspn
Ginger -Garlic Paste              : 1 tbspn
paprika powder                    : 1 1/2 tbspn
honey                                   : 1 tspn
garam masala powder           : 1 tbspn
kasoori methi                        : 1 1/2 tbspn
cream                                   : about 5 tbspn

  • soak the soya nuggets in some hot water for about 20 min, squeeze out to remove all the excess water
  • Sauté the tomatoes, onions and cashew nuts together in a pan with little oil for 4-5 mins or till they softens and all the raw smell vanishes

  • Blend these ingredients to a fine purée
  • Take some butter in the same pan , add ginger garlic paste, saute and add the paprika powder, give a quick stir n add in the puree. Cover and cook for some time
  • Then add kasoori methi powder, salt , honey 
  • Add in the soya nuggets, cover and cook for 3 more mins 

  • add the garam masala, stir and finally top it with some fresh cream

  • Serve with chapati or rice

preparation and cooking time: 30 mins

Slightly roast the kassori methi in a shallow pan, add by rubbing it between the palms

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