Chicken ghee roast

Chicken                         : 600 gm
dry red chilli                  : 7-8 (medium spicy)
cinnamon stick               :1/2 inch 
coriander seeds              : 2-3 tbspn
cashewnuts                    : 6
Methi seeds(fenugreek)  : 1/4 th tspn

ginger garlic paste     : 1 tbspn
tomato                       :1 medium
salt                            : 1 tbspn
lemon juice               : 1 tbspn
turmeric powder       : 1/2 tbspn
ghee                          :2-3 tbspn
coriander leaves        : for garnishing(optional)

  • Heat a pan on medium and dry roast red chilli, methi seeds, cinnamon stick, and coriander seeds till the aroma of these spices starts to spread. take care not to burn any ingredients. keep stirring constantly. lastly add cashew-nuts and saute till slight colour change occurs 
  • Once done take out everything in a plate and allow it to cool. Then blend all these with 1 tomato.
  • Marinate the chicken with this blended paste along with ginger garlic paste, salt , lemon juice and turmeric powder and place this marinated chicken in refrigerator for 2-3 hours
  • Heat some ghee in a kadai, add the marinated chicken , saute, cover a lid and allow to cook till its done with ocassionally stirring, check for salt n sourness. Add more if required
  • finally garnish with some fresh coriander leaves

Time to cook: 20 mins

Watch out for the amount of methi seeds while adding. its just 1/4 th tea spoon . If you add more the dish will get bitter.

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