Besan laddu

besan/gram flour     : 1 1/2 cup
sooji/semolina         : 4 tbspn
sugar                      : 3/4 cup or as required
ghee/clarified butter : 1/2 cup 
cardamom powder   : 1 tspn

pistachios                 : for garnishing

dry fruits, cashew n almonds :3-4 tbspn 

  • Take the besan along with sooji in a heavy bottom pan, add ghee and fry on a medium flame
  • this mixture should be fried nicely(takes about 20 mins to fry) on low to medium flame till nice aroma comes
  • after abt 20 mins the besan mix with ghee completely and sticks to each other
  • then turn off the gas and transfer the mixture into another big bowl
  • Allow the mixture to cool little bit, add the sugar whn its still hot also add in the dry fruits
  • when its still warm, take some mixture and press to make into laddus by pressing between the palms
Makes: about 15 laddus

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