Chicken Pulao

Chicken pulao, a quick chicken dish comes to my rescue whenever I feel lazy to cook or fall short  of time ;) This dish along with a colorful platter of salad is really filling n satisfying. I label it under bachelors cooking cos its quite easy n time saving. 
I call this recipe as chicken pulao n not chicken biryani because Pulao is made by cooking the ingredients together where as in Biryani, rice is first cooked separately , then layered n cooked on low flame with other ingredients. Just like vegetable pulao every thing goes into the pressure cooker. 

Chicken      : 500 gm
curds          : 1 cup
onion          : 2 big, cut in length
oil              : 4- tbspn
ghee           : 2 tbspn
Basmati rice: 1 glass

for green masala paste
coriander leaves  : 1 small bunch
pudina leaves      : 1 small bunch
garlic                  : 7-8 cloves
ginger                 : 2 inch piece
green chilly         : 5
turmeric powder  : 1 tspn
salt                     : 2 tspn

Whole garam masala
Shahi jeera          : 1 tspn
cinnemon sticks   : 2
Javetri                 : 2 piece
black cardamom  : 2
cloves                  : 7-8
Bay leaf               : 2

  • Wash the rice and drain water . Set aside for -20 mins
  • Take the cleaned chicken pieces in a bowl
  • Prepare the green masala paste by blending all the ingredients written below ingredients for green masala 
  • Apply the paste along with curds thoroughly to the chicken pieces. Set aside for atleast 20 mins

  • Take 4 tbspn oil in a pressure cooker vessel. when hot add all the whole garam masalas
  • wait till they are fragrant. 
  • Then goes in the sliced onions. fry until slightly brown
  • Then add in the rice grains and fry on medium for 2-3 mins

  • Add the marinated chicken into the rice. Give a nice mix. Add 1 1/4 glass water.
  • Add salt if required ( also garam masala powder if required. I did not add)

  • Put the lid on and cook till just 1 whistle. Sim for 5 mins before turning off
  • wait until the pressure is released.
  • gently pfluff the rice with a fork and add 2 tbspn ghee all over
  • Serve hot with salad/ yoghurt raita


  1. Super flavourful pulao,just inviting.

  2. this looks yummy, we love pulao, might try out your recipe next time he craving calls..

  3. Pulao looks absolutely lovely... Bookmarked this one..
    Glad to have visited your blog and happy to follow u..:))
    Happy blogging dear..


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