Semiya kheer/ Vermicelli kheer

1 cup semiya
1 tbspn butter/ghee
1 cup sugar
3 cup full fat milk
4-5 saffron strands
1 tspn elaichi powder/cardamom powder
dry fruits(raisins, almonds n cashews) roasted in butter/ghee

  • Nicely roast the semiya with 1 tbspn butter/ghee till the colour changes to golden brown and nice fragrance develop. Also roast the dry fruit bits in the same pan with little butter/ghee
  • Pour milk and sugar  into a flat thick bottomed vessel and boil it properly for 15-20 mins on medium to high flame
  • After 1 boil, add the saffron strands, continue to boil
  • After 15- 20 mins of boiling, the colour and texture of milk changes slightly
  • Then transfer the nicely roasted semiya and roasted dry fruits into the vessel with continuous stirring, boil for further 5 mins.
  • Sprinkle some cardamom powder, close the lid for 2 mins .Turn off the heat.

Frying time:   10 mins
cooking time: 20 mins

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  1. very useful really good information thanks for posting such a good information it will hepls the people a lot keep it up , Regards,
    Semiya upma


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