chicken bone soup

Ingredients :
chicken bone               :100 gm
water                           : 1 lts
butter                           : 1 tspn

onion, chopped            : 1/2 small onion
garlic, finelychopped   :2 big cloves
green chillies chopped : 1 
pepper corns                :5-6  
hot chilly sauce            : 1 tspn 
soy sauce                      :4 tbspn
egg                                :1

Method :

  • Take 1 tbspn of butter in a vessel, add onions and garlic . Sauté for few mins.

  • Add the chicken bone pieces, green chilli, and saute for 2-3 mins on medium flame.
  • Pour about 1 ltr of hot water into it and boil nicely until the water evaporates to almost half of original quantity.

  • Then add  crushed pepper, soy sauce, hot chilly sauce ,and lastly break 1 egg and add slowly by continuous stirring

  • Do not add salt as the soy sauce n chilly sauce will have enough salt in it

Making time: 20 mins
serves : 2

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