Who does'n know to make poori's?? It's a basic recipe which I bet every girl knows to make and would prefer to make when given an option for Chapati or poori :')) So here, along with the recipe, I will suggest some handy tips for making good round fluffy pooris ..

wheat flour       : 1 cup
warm water       :1/2 cup
semolina/rava   : 1 tbspn
oil                      : 2 tbspn
salt                    :  1/2 tspn
sugar                  : 1/2 tspn

oil for deep frying: 250 ml

  • Take all the ingredients in a bowl except water and oil. mix well to make a smooth dough with water little by little. add some more water if required

  • leave it covered for 15 mins max. 
  • heat oil for deep frying
  • after 15 mins, knead the dough well, make small balls of equal sizes, smear with few drops of oil ,roll into size of small chapatis
  • deep fry in oil till golden colour, take out on paper towel

  • serve hot with shrikhand or chole


  • adding a tbspn of rava makes the pooris very crispy
  • the dough should be slightly harder than chapati dough
  • Cover the dough with damp muslin cloth or plastic cover for 15 mins
  • knead for few more mins till cracks are not formed at the borders
  • As soon as the poori is rolled out, deep fry them immediately rather than stacking them till last and then frying all together
  • While the pooris are slided in hot oil, slightly press the poori in the borders with a wooden ladle or spatula . Pooris puff up by doing so

Makes : 10 -12 pooris 

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