Sabudana(Sago/Tapioca) Kichadi

 sabudana/sago                 : 2 cups
 peanuts, roasted              : 5-6 tbspn
 salt                                  : to taste
 sugar                               :1 tspn
 cooked, mashed potatoes : 1

For tempering:
 oil                       : 4tbsp
 jeera                   : 1 tbsp
 ginger, minced    : 1 full tbspn
 green chilly slit    :3 
 curry leaves        : few

  • Wash sabudana and soak in water for 10 mins. Then drain water completely. Cover and keep it overnight
  • While preparing kichadi in morning,  add salt n sugar to sabudana/sago. keep aside
  • dry roast some peanuts and crush it. keep aside

  • Take oil in a heavy bottom pan.
  •  Prepare for the seasoning. Once oil is hot enough, add jeera. wait till it start to crackle.Then add curry leaves, minced ginger n green chilly. stir for few secs
  • Then add in the cooked mashed potato. (I did not add it in this recipe)
  • Stir n pour the soaked sago into the seasoning, mix all properly n close lid ,cook for 10 mins on medium heat with occasional stirring. 
  • then add in the roasted peanuts. add some more sugar n salt if required. cover n cook for 5 more mins till the grain separate from each other and cooked completely.
  • sago pearls turn transparent when cooked completely
  • Adding a tspn of ghee gives a good flavour then turn off the gas

  • Serve with Sweet curd
Preparation time: 10 mins
cooking time: 25 mins
Serves 2-3

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