Raspberry Ice-cream

Like most others, raspberry is my favourite fruit too right since my childhood. Raspberry dolly was one of my favourite ice-cream bar. After coming to Swiss, my inquisitiveness to make raspberry ice creams made me to go through many recipes from which I found this one very simple n easy.
This recipe is an instant version of ice cream , which does not require eggs or butter unlike many other ice-creams. Hope you like it too..

Frozen raspberries        :1 bowl
heavy cream(35% )      :1/4 th cup
powdered sugar            :1 cup
vanilla essence              : 1 tspn

  • Take some frozen berries in a food processor. Blend along with heavy cream for 2-3 mins with pausing in between 
  • Then add powdered sugar, few drops of vanilla essence and blend again for a minute or two. you can see that the berries start turning into ice cream texture.
  • Serve immediately with whipped cream or store it in freezer.
  •  Take out from the freezer 15 mins before serving

Making time: 10 mins

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