Sweet Shankar Poli

Shankar poli is an easy to make snack recipe on all occasion. It can be made sweet or spicy. There are many versions to make the sweet one. I am posting the simplest version which can be prepared any time with few ingredients.


oil                       :1 cup

water                   :1 cup

sugar                   :1 cup

maida                  :about 2 1/2 cups or as required

chiroti rava           :2 tbspn

salt                     :to taste

oil for deep frying  :1/2 litre

  • Take water, sugar, salt and oil together in a vessel. Heat them and keep stirring and  till the sugar dissolves. 
  • cool it and keep adding maida in small portions. Kneed well till a soft dough is formed (just like chapati dough)
  • Divide the entire dough into 3-4 balls.Take 1 small ball of dough, roll out flat as thin as possible with a rolling pin
  • cut into diamond shape with knife or designer cutter and deep fry in hot oil

  • take out on a paper towel
  • Store it in air tight containers
  • Ready to serve with tea or coffee

Preparation time: 15 mins
Frying time        : 15 mins


  1. Wish i get some to munch rite now,sooo tempting.

  2. Yummy snack...first time here...happy to follow you...:)will be glad if u follow back..


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