Egg veggie chat

bell pepper green    1 medium diced
onion                      1 medium diced
green peas              1 morsel (fresh or frozen)
Green chilli             2 slit
egg                          2
chat masala            1 tspn
pepper powder       1/4 tspn
salt                          very little
Tomato ketchup      3-4 tbspn

Method :
  • Heat up a non stick pan with some oil and add all the diced veggies together (bell pepper, onion, green chilli and green peas) , saute on high flame so that all the vegetables get roasted . cook for 4-5 mins 

  • Then sprinkle the chat masala, pepper powder, stir it. 
  • Break open 2 eggs in a cup, whip/beat  it  with a fork and pour over the veggies. just leave it for 3-4 mins so that it cooks half way

  • After few mins, stir it and mix it gently, cook on medium to high flame , add salt n pepper powder if required
  • Turn off the gas , take out in a plate and top up with tomato ketchup
  • Have it with chapati or bread slices.

Time required: 20 mins

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