Tangy mixed sprouts salad

sprouted moong                         : 1 bowl
sprouted methi/fenugreek seeds  : 1/4 bowl
sprouted moth beans/mataki       : 1/2 bowl
sprouted groundnuts                   : 1/2 bowl
sprouted horse gram/hurali         : 1/4 bowl
green chillies chopped                : 3, medium spicy
cilantro, chopped                        : 2-3 tbspn
curry leaves, chopped                 : few leaves
fresh grated coconut                   : 2-3 tbspn
lemon juice                                 : 2 tbspn
pepper powder                            : 1/2 tspn
salt to taste

  • Lentils are sprouted by soaking them in excess of warm water for 8 hrs, then draining it completely and leave it for a day in warm place or tie it tightly in muslin cloth
  • In a big bowl take, grated coconut, salt, green chilly, pepper powder, lemon juice and curry leaves. Mix all by slightly squeezing by hand.
  • Add in the remaining ingredients (sprouted lentils and coriander leaves)
  • check for salt and sourness. If required add some more lemon juice

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